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What could you do?

In Lifecoaching, one of the lessons is to become more aware of, and practice the use of, our language in a more affirming way. This is to become less judgmental of ourselves and gaining more self-confidence by believing in our abilities. An example, is to let go of using the word should and all it implies. The word should often refers to something we ought to do or else, an implied must that often seems tedious. When we say things like "I really should do the dishes", but remain laying in the couch, we either muster up the energy to head to the kitchen, or we beat up ourselves for being lazy, when in fact we might simply need this time to rest some.

Some may propose that we can use the word want to instead, to focus on our real wants rather than what is expected of us. But, I don't think that's right either. I want to shop but I should pay my bills? The solution lies in using the word could instead.

What could you do? Either this can be used to analyse your history - what you could have done. Or, it can be used to declare your intentions by empowering yourself and open up for new possibilities. What could I do? You might even try it in the couch position. What could you do then? You could remain laying, or you could go up and do the dishes. The choice now becomes an empowered one.

Curious to find out how you could improve your life? Don't hesitate to contact me for a series of coaching sessions, where I help you change. Usually, there is a turning point after three sessions (six weeks) if you do the assignments. You first session is complimentary to see if the rapport feels good and for me to learn what you would like to change and why..

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