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What do I love?

My Norwegian Hula-sister posed the question "What does my heart beat for?" on her Instagram the other day, so I thought I'd sit and ponder about that for a while. Is our passion the same as what we love?

I love animals, especially cuddly bunnies and horses.

I love being creative, such as coming up with ideas.

I love tending to plants and flowers.

I love organizing and decorating homes and offices to enjoy after.

And I love to dance and be on stage, also as a speaker.

But, do I love to write? No, not really. Yet, it goes so easy and fast and working as a copywriter has been quite fun. Most of the time, my words just flow nowadays. I used to write sentences in my mind first, but now I've become too lax, perhaps. On the other hand, I also feel a need to write sometimes, to release something and to share my opinion. It's an awesome way to be in flow. And who doesn't want to work with little effort?

My passion then? I used to be quite the seeker and delve into spiritual books and their wisdom, that I later tried to live by, especially when I first went to Hawaii, that became my own books. But it isn't what makes me want to rise in the morning. The sun always does in Sweden, since there are days, even weeks, where we don't see the sun at all. The real reason though, is to dance!

What do you love doing? What do you care about the most? And is it the same as your passion?

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