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What is a purpose?

Part of personal coaching, is to enable more insight into what one's purpose can be. To declare a purpose for one's life, can be done both to create a forward pull, as well as to provide an explanation in hindsight. Either way, it's to help create meaning for oneself and one's life. It's something that one can center one's efforts around, to make them worthwhile. Having a defined purpose, also helps to increase motivation.

You can ask yourself why your are doing what you are doing and how. But, you can also ask yourself what you would like to accomplish with it. It doesn't need to be personal, but a cemented belief. It can be something as profound and general as "to feel more love" or "to create peace". The point is, this can be something to hold on to, as important as faith, while you are going through whatever life throws your way. Purpose and faith often come intertwined. Wherever you are, in which ever conditions, with whomever, you can focus on your purpose and thus better both endure, and feel more empowered. It becomes like a theme of a sorts.

Some purposes may stem from a spiritual experience, like a calling, which then feels like an urge to do something that is important both for yourself and others. A good way to find your purpose is to answer this question: What can I do, to contribute to the higher good of society? There is your purpose.

To discuss what your purpose is, don't hesitate to contact me to become coached. Your first session is for free!

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