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What is Lifecoaching?

Updated: Mar 29

When your hear the word Lifecoach, you might be thinking of a speaker talking about personal development and healing, or authors that will help you achieve a goal with their method. This however, isn’t real lifecoaching.

Lifecoaching is conducted in a series of meetings, where the coach has a dialogue with you in a special way, called the Socratic method. The coach works from a neutral, positive point of view, and holds the belief that you have your own answers, that you can solve the problem.

We start by clarifying what the situation looks like and what the desired change is.

From there, you get to state a goal, and make a plan to achieve it, that you also start doing, and report back how it goes to your Lifecoach.

Basically, the lifecoach poses questions and you answer them. From each answer, more questions might follow, as well as insights. I summarize what you said, back to you for clarification. This way you will become clear about what you prefer, what you disapprove of, and what you hold important. All with the focus on you, to make a distinction from what your spouse might think, or your parents, or your boss. This way, you can become the leader of your own life.

Things you can be coached about:

· Decision making

· Setting boundaries

· Starting a business

· Changing career

· Pursuing a passion

· Improving wellness and balance in life

· Value based shopping

· Creating conditions

· Choosing therapy

· Time management

Can’t see it in front of you? Try it for yourself instead! Just contact me, or a lifecoach in your area, for a free trial session. You can also read more here.

I work according to the ethical guidelines of International Coach Federation and have training according to Co-Active Coaching, together with a Master’s degree in Workscience and Organizational Change.

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