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When the motions become one

Updated: May 22, 2022

Yesterday evening, as I practiced Isadora Duncan dance in a workshop, held through Zoom, I got to experience something beautiful. While we were doing a specific motion to show victory and freedom, one of Isadora Duncan's themes, I felt victorious and free!

Hence, making a motion to show a specific emotion, created the same. And by letting my body do bigger motions than I do with my daily body language, makes room for more. I can be more of myself, grounded within, by doing large expressive motions. I create a better presence of myself in physical form. What if it's like that? That our emotions are really physical motions, that we should be using for expressing ourselves, fully present in the now, when we feel safe to. And emotions can also be a source of energy of course, a fuel for our actions.

Let me be free!

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