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Why do we study at a university?

Unfortunately, there has been a trendy wave of people seemingly proud of quitting their studies, as if this would be needed to start a business. To me, this rather shows little capacity for endurance, focus and perseverance. It can also be seen as not being sure of what you want to study and why.

Regardless of which subject you decide to major in, or profession you choose to pursue, there are some common benefits you get from studying at a university. They include:

  • Higher salary

  • Ethical values

  • Support in professional associations

  • Tools to discuss the world

  • A coherent understanding of the world, similar to your peers

  • Trust and confidence in your abilities

  • Discipline

  • Writing and presentation skills

  • Discussions

  • How to do research

  • Valuing a source

  • Critical thinking

All in all, studying at a university creates a foundation that is meant to produce trust between customer and provider, that you get what you're paying for. Having credentials and certificates from trusted institutions is what enable you to say that you have a degree or the authority to have a profession. It also is a way back for you to learn more, and to check in with, would you meet questions about your ways in the workplace.

Now, add all the specifics of the subject you're studying - imagine how much you've learned and how much this enables you to do!

To make an inventory of your skills and knowledge, to bounce off ideas of what you can do with it, don't hesitate to contact me for a series of coaching sessions!

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