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Without the same knowledge, there is no understanding

I've been trying to figure out why my communication so often becomes one-way. Why is it, that even the most evidentiary things go without answer? Is it the glass ceiling, or is it personal?

There seems to be at least two factors in common:

  1. Un unwillingness to act on my behalf, even when others will benefit from it, and nobody will loose anything

  2. A possible lack of understanding, probably because of not having the same knowledge as I do

This is why education is so important, not only does it teach us certain skills and provides us with facts, figures and research, but it also creates a foundation for how to learn and communicate. It takes knowledge about something, to understand what it's going to lead to, or what has happened leading up to a certain event. To see this cause and effect theories, perhaps also requires a bit of maturity. People don't want to accept responsibility for their own actions and therefor resort to doing nothing, which in turn can create even more problems. Maturity is to set oneself aside a little and look at the greater picture, and what the benefits will be coming out of a decision and action. Other factors playing a part, can be a lack of heart; a lack of empathy and compassion, when things are so obvious, like getting our basic needs met.

Why is not my education and profession respected? Why can't anyone provide me with actual feedback with real examples? Why has no media outlets wanted to interview me about my books and my cases, both in Sweden and in the United States, including going to the UN, for NINE YEARS? And why haven't I gotten any job interviews during the same time? This summer, was the first time since 2006 that I received a Swedish freelancing copywriting assignment, when I finally could sit down in an apartment with my own things. Yet, not since 2007, have I been to a job interview here, and never for coaching either (since 2004), even though it was through me and my exam paper, coaching was introduced as a profession in Sweden and with extra classes in conversation techniques. Maybe it was even because it was new to the guest professor, that he didn't want to approve it, even though I had gotten an A on all my previous and also after. Then add 11 years of being stalked, since my return from the United States (starting in 2009). Why is he allowed to ruin my life? And last, but not least, how can the Swedish courts allow licensed psychiatrists to outright lie about me and my life with false facts that can be proven wrong, and then rule a judgement on it? I can only understand it as a powerplay, or even a curse directed at me. Even that, goes to prove the unwillingness to take responsibility and enforce positive decisions. Nobody should be a puppet for evil, but exercise his or her free will for the good of oneself and others.

Is all this because I'm an intelligent woman, who isn't blonde, showing off her assets on camera? Or even, because Sweden is a covert nazi country?

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