• Hannah Telluselle

Conditions for growth

Once you have your goal set and started taking steps towards realizing it, you must also consider which conditions you need in order to blossom into living your passion with positive presence. It is all about being realistic while you allow yourself to dream big. These conditions can be broken down into:

* National culture

* Organizational culture

* Societal norms

* Laws, regulations and practice

* Market demands and interest, and competition

* Support system

* Resources (money, your own and others' skills)

* Timing, season and desired location

* Media for PR and online presentations

If you have the best idea but not the means to manifest it or nobody interested in buying what you have to offer, you will either have to reconsider your goal or move elsewhere.

Already during advertising school 1993-94, we set out to investigate whether or not our headlines and mock ads could be distinguished as female or male copywriting. I soon found a clear trend when I started working in the south of Sweden where young women were a welcome addition to the firm to show off how good they are at being equal but as soon as we pass 30 something years old and become more confident in our own abilities, the same becomes a competitive threat often pushed aside in favor of men, who in turn often have more money invested in the advertising bureau - hence more power to decide what is presented to the client and by whom.

Meanwhile, I realized there were also discrepancies between the marketing solutions bought and created for the client's business as opposed to what the client needed internally sometimes not even anchored by the very same sales people scheduled to use certain promotion material that we did. A simple example was the making of signs to hang inside small stores on the corner, promoting Nestlé products. Once we were finished I went out to see it being used, I hoped, but it was nowhere to be found except for in some rare cases hung elsewhere or piled alongside a wall somewhere. When i asked about it, I got the answer that these mobile signs wold turn on the alarm, especially at night when any movement would trigger them to set off. How could this not have been communicated to us, the advertising firm from the sales people? Had we produced marketing campaigns with ads and coupons, the store refused to use or even couldn't? Or that time at another firm, when I suggested a product development idea that I thought of which our client loved to discuss, but my own CEO despised me for sharing since it wouldn't bring us any money. Wouldn't it? But now some fifteen years later, I saw the one portion ready made cakes offered in stores... :-)

And what constitutes a trend, how does it take on, for how long does it last and when does it turn into mainstream fashion? All these type of factors and behaviors, alongside not feeling enough respected for my ideas, made me turn to a higher education within business and sociology to gain a better understanding on how to navigate between target groups and adapt my communication more efficiently. Not to mention, all these different leadership-styles that seemed to produce more instability and conflicts or complete cementation of existing structures in the workplace, that I needed to learn more about from within.

I wanted to start Telluselle Living Center in either Malmö or Stockholm in 2007 but found myself obstructed, slandered and stalled several times, just as I had been put into sudden foreclosure in 2004 and then become robbed of my enthusiasm for dancing and coaching by what later became a job-coaching program in 2009 used by the Swedish state making me both homeless and unemployed instead of including me in the development process. Could it be that my business idea would only work in the United States and not in Sweden? Was it something I did wrong or lacked? Or was it just outer forces? How could I coach anyone towards realizing their dream if I wasn't allowed to live mine here?

All these things prompted me to return to the United States in 2010 and further my education in Organizational Change and Development, focusing on Innovation and Creativity, Organizational Culture and National Community Change at Hawaii Pacific University, that I started in 2005 and luckily received an opportunity to apply for more studentloan to use.

Which kind of obstacles do you face? Are they something you can work around, perhaps with other people or by taking a slower approach to allow the market users to become more? Or should you move elsewhere?

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