• Hannah Telluselle

Following the right footsteps

Walking on the path of our life journey, usually means walking where others also have. This can be helpful but only when we know where we are going, such as to meet a goal. And most of all coming from our own authentic will, yearning and decision. To choose more deliberately with greater awareness, is one of the benefits of becoming lifecoached. 

A lifejourney however, is a matter of discovering new things by meetings that occur naturally on the way. It can be something little that someone says in our conversation that gives us more energy and points us in the right direction, whether a new way or a confirmation of where we are heading and why. Or it can simply be a warning or showing us something we want to learn more about. It is these type of meetings that are my inspiration and that I love writing stories about, since they often feel like a blessing to me.

Another way is to follow little signs. I like interpreting small white feathers that I notice on the ground like this one, as guidance by angels towards where it is safe to go. Here to the Catholic church office in Frankfurt, where I got help to pay for a dorm-bed in a hostel, since Sweden refuses to both try copyright and slander cases, give me publicity, stop the stalker and/or live on social security meanwhile applying for jobs.

Where are you going and why?

(As a comparison, the science behind followers and trailblazers for new products and trends, can be found in a book called "Diffusion of Innovation" by Everett Rogers that was part of our course literature at Hawaii Pacific University in 2010. I categorize myself as an "early adapter" according to Rogers' definition.)

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