• Hannah Telluselle

Hawaiian forgiveness process and prayer

In Hawaii, they have a special process for forgiveness to heal relationships. This is called Ho'oponopono, which means to restore, realign and make things right again. it's considered especially important on an island, since everybody needs to help everybody, and can’t go anywhere. But after all, earth is too an island, so we too, can learn this practice.

Start by recognizing the issue, for example that someone is jealous of you. Second, ask yourself if you have ever felt jealous of anyone. You probably have. Then you need to ask for forgiveness of that, as well as forgive the one that is jealous of you. To do this, you have to get inside your heart with sincerity and honesty.

If possible, you should meet with the person that is upset, together with a neutral person, who will lead the meeting and the prayer. This is to ensure that everything that needs to be said, and to be understood, is vented first.

The prayer goes:

Divine Creator, Father, Mother, Child as One,

If I, (insert name) , or any of my family, relatives, or ancestors, have ever insulted you (insert name), your family, relatives or ancestors, now or in the past, I humbly ask for forgiveness. Let this be so and let this be light. Thank you.

I have practiced this regularly since 2009, and also feel healed by it.

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