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Keeping the peace

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Today, I feel afraid of the war in Ukraine. Most of all, I'm afraid that Sweden doesn't take its threat on us seriously, since my experience with Swedish bureaucracy is exactly that. They don't act on seriousness.

When I grew up, Russia was seen as a threat, much because of their invasion of Afghanistan that my Dad witnessed and wrote about. We were threatened as a family by KGB once, because of his speaking engagements in the 1980's. Furthermore, the escalation of nuclear bombs, is also something I remember. We all developed a collective fear in school about that. Luckily though, when the Chernobyl powerplant had its accident, spreading to the north of Sweden, I was in the United States then. Reading news about it from there (This was before Internet!) was quite surreal and overblown, my mother thought. Nonetheless, perhaps that too was a threat more real than the Swedish government wanted to face and acknowledge.

So, how do we keep our own peace when others invade us? We call the police. But what do we do when the police don't show up, or only removes the problem temporarily? We flee. Or fight.

So do I.

UPDATE: Apparently, the UN ambassador for the United States voiced her concern too about a possible attack against Sweden and Finland, that Swedish experts disregard, according to this newsarticle. How can they?

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