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Making New Year resolutions that work

Have you ever tried making a resolution for the new year, only to feel like a failure a month in, when you suddenly drop your new healthy habit?

Anytime we set out to do something, we will encounter the opposite, the non-doing resistance. This in turn might be a stronger habit, whether simply by just keeping us in our comfort zone, or by paying off for a greater need. You can for example be in greater need of sleep, than running on a treadmill. Then staying home and getting rested will actually be better. So, how do we then do changes that last?

We focus on being, rather than doing.

We focus on a certain trait or virtue that we would like to feel. This feeling then becomes the actual achievement that open up for more ways of doing. You might for example have "fit" as a mantra and goal for next year. Then a multitude of ways will open up for you to get fit! The secret thus, lies in choosing a sacred word for the year to focus on, such as being more.... Integrious? Corageous? Grateful? Assertive? Patient? What is your word that you need to develop more of and would like to have more of? Choose one and let this lead your relating both with your partner, friends and co-workers next year and you will soon see how it grows, both in awareness and in progress!

Happy New Year!

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