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Overcoming our fears

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can't be "cured" with CBT since it is an old trauma that needs to be released through emotional support as with all crisis. It is a matter of understanding what happened and how, find self-compassion and follow through with reporting any offense or abuse. However, we can become affected by these past assaults in other situations too, where we have to diffuse and re-train our muscle memory from being an adequate response to a threat, to a coping mechanism in a new situation where we have become triggered. To not just react, but to find the actual sense of safety and re-do what we couldn't or do it differently.

A good way to improve and overcome our fears is when they are directly related to our ways of behavior. For example I used to be afraid of having my head under water (something I have also described in my book "The Call for Divine Mothering") because of a near-drowning accident at the age of five. I had been playing close to a pool at party at a friend to our family, in Copenhagen and had walked down the stairs into the pool not realizing the depth I would come under, thus had to be pulled up.

Forty years later (!) in 2015, after learning to appreciate standing under the shower the past years, I went to Portugal where I received some more Lomilomi-massage which realign us into a centred relaxed state. Portugal to me is a place where I have seen happy photos of my childhood-vacation here. In Estoril thus, I managed to put my head under water with joy and respect first in the Hotel Palacio pool, close to the Banyan tree wellness center, and then repeated and celebrated in the ocean afterwards. As its own baptism. Reclaiming my true Self.

For some reason, this has felt connected with money and my teeth health, but as soon as the two others were healed, this too became.

Which are your fears and where do they come from? A past experience or low self-confidence paired with some fixated idea? Or are you currently threatened where avoiding and detouring is a necessity? Don't fall into the trap of self-help talkers who don't understand the good in feeling fear, which is protection and respect for life.

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