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Nurturing our inner child

I read an awesome quote on Project Happiness FB-page on the importance of raising our children with awareness of our own projections to ensure their own personality gets a chance to blossom. I think a good way is to nurture our own inner child regularly so that we lessen our own need to feel fulfilled solemnly through our own childrens’ achievements and validation of us as parents. So what can you do to nurture your own inner child (preferably alone)?

* Remember which fears you used to have growing up and treat yourself with adult compassion. Try to face any of them and feel how you raise your own sense of joy.

* Play with fun where you can use your own creativity with an artistic project, do sports and/or simply go out in nature to discover something with a child’s eye of wonder.

* List examples and qualities of your own parents’ upbringing of you. What worked and what didn’t? For example, my own parents gave me freedom to dress how I wanted which enabled me to develop my own style and grow in confidence thereof, I was encouraged to write early which gave me plenty of experience even though my own father actually didn’t want to become an author either growing up, most curfews were enforced through threats but when they lessened them it was easier for me to obey, dinner was served with awesome cooking but eaten during stress so nowadays I always say grace and try to ensure to eat first before I tend to others. My parents’ lack of spiritual connection with a church community, alongside moving often, made me feel less included and less safe than my peers, wherefore I hold this important today. However this doesn’t mean that my own children have to be Christians as long as we give it a try.

* See your conflicts, both inner and outer, as a challenge for you to overcome and grow from. Most people find it rewarding to make insights such as feeling that you learned something - this applies to both children and adults. So what can we learn today?

Nurturing our inner child, is about making a conscious effort of having fun.

Photo of me from Portugal 2019.

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