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Coaching on the job: enhancing your performance

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

What I like to offer in my coaching business is meetings for people who are laid off or who wants to become better at their job performance and renew their own motivation. This can all be done at your job. Whenever there are big layoffs, the state must be notified and at times can go in with financial support to relieve the company from debt during the time they are in foreclosure or simply downscaling. It can also be a matter of a merger, fusion or division, whether nationally or internationally, where I can be the consultant and coach, coordinate and exemplify with a strategic plan to communicate these changes. My coaching encourages employees to make an inventory of their assets, such as acquired skills and competence with a focus on learning. This in turn makes it easier to find a new job and feel good about it.

When it comes to remaining on a job but feel better about it, a series of coaching sessions can be part of a company's human resources program for staff education. In these conversational meetings, we will cover a similar assessment like for those who are unemployed, but focusing on analyzing and accounting for, what the actual job that is performed requires and is carried out with. Finding one's worth within an organization thus enable the employee to feel stronger in her own conviction and purpose to be a sincere contribution. This can also include stress and time management for a better balance in life, but I focus on creating reasons together with my client to feel grounded in themselves.

For those without a job, such as graduated students from universities or even sometimes high schools, a more direct career counseling program can be offered to learn more about locating one's job, starting a business or finding further education, but mostly I focus on the softer values of defining dreams and goals to be pursued while encouraging and support change in preparation for job interviews.

I offer these services daytime based on my education and experience, not only in the field of coaching, but also as a former employee myself in both small businesses and large corporations with their own culture and type of leadership, dealing with setbacks and leaves, yet remaining creative and solve issues. 

On a business level, I can work as a Personal coach directly with a department in need, the Human Resource Manager or with a union. Jobagencies, recruiters and start-up incubators are also places I have talked to during the years. However, my preferred client is simply private individuals that book a session in my office or on Skype!

Simply put: in need for a change or already put in someone else's? Give me call and we'll have a meeting where we will outline a series adapted to your specific situation together with an estimate. Find your passion! 

Photo from 2019.

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