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Healing our relationship patterns

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Have you also heard about how we tend to match our partners according to our family patterns? It is for example common that we end up in relationships that resemble the ones we grew up in, both in terms of how our parents lived their marriage and how we fit in the hierarchy of siblings. Both these can do two things for us. 

One, it can keep us stuck in a similar pattern like when we grew up, which most likely will harm us and our own children the same way we were.

Or, it can enable us to recognize it happening, stop, reflect and dare change it within the existing relationship at best, or with a new partner. That means for example questioning why arguments arise and how we react because of our past. Then add the conditioning of our society and culture and of course the issue. With this awareness comes the ability to heal it while we use our ability to forgive with compassion creating an active change. If not, our subconscious will again look for something familiar to be able to relate to and find safety with, resonating with another previous relationship. Until we dare start anew, or simply follow our soul's path explaining and showing how each person fits into our own puzzle to heal, restore and rebirth into a higher ground. Becoming one with all.

This is not only visible in our romantic relationships but also among close friends and on the job. We bring ourselves into our daily tasks especially where our personalities play a great part, upholding a brand or the reputation of a business. 

I am a big sister with a four year younger brother. Therefor coming together with someone who also has a big sister would most likely make it an easier fit than someone who is a big brother making it a different battle of power. Either way, when we walk on the path of healing, we don't want to repeat negative patterns, but forgive and move on.

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