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Sustainability creates peace

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

What does a sustainable life look like, more than what it means to reduce waste and buy organic products? To me it is also about not wasting people. It is to not waste someone's talent, ideas, capability, education, experience, creativity, ability, will, health, home, ideals, beliefs, skills, time and love.

It is to make room, to invite, to include, to meet, to come together, to discuss, to define, to solve, to call, to reply, to listen, to speak, to question, to answer and most of all to respect all life. The life that is yours and the life that is rightfully mine to have.

It took me about a decade to dare laugh again after my mother passed away and as a reward I found joy. Joy in dancing, joy in sunshine and breathing fresh air, joy in the meeting of others. Let me have that now!

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