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Let your inner child out to play!

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

I can't stress this enough - as soon as you have come to notice what brings your eyes to sparkle with enthusiasm, you must take responsibility to enliven yourself, to live among those who enables you to. This sparkle is the ignition of hope and forward motion that we as coaches like to inspire and support. It is in this, you can begin to recognize your own inner child. Your soul within your true personality. 

What does your inner child like to do? Is it wandering in nature and go exploring in the woods? Is it to pet horses and run around playing catch with a dog? Or is it to sit and glue something together focused for hours in your own corner?

Perhaps your inner child likes to dance, dress up and perform, or to show what you have found. Then do that. Did you feel the most strong, happy and alive when you played sports in a team, competing and preparing for your game. Or did you rather sneak into the library and read a secret book? What did you collect - stamps or miniature action figures? Maybe you prefer excitement with merry-go-rounds and high climbing. 

Whatever it is that you prefer, remember to go with someone who also likes to and never with someone who doesn't. Would you hurt a child? The adult you are attacking is also a child. In the best of worlds, we all would keep, protect and energize each others' sparks, never extinguishing or ridiculing another's joy, but rather support the caring for our own needs so that we may blossom as adults and let the children among us become their own. Take your own "little me" by the hand and go for it!

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