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Looking at ourselves in the mirror

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

It was in the midst of a break-up, loosing my job and having had a miscarriage in 1995, that I started to write affirmations and say them in front of the mirror. I had even avoided looking at myself in dance class... refusing to acknowledge my own beauty and light, hating what I saw, not being able to be comfortable in my body that also had been assaulted years before. I didn't dance for ten years.

A couple of years later after doing yoga in a candle-lit studio instead, I noticed how I would feel a certain way, often good, but then look at my own face and not look pretty at all. How can that be? 

I then started caring for my own body better, changed diet to half-vegetarian and eventually glutenfree and lactosefree. I started to filter my water before drinking it and taking medicine with anti-histamine when needed. And of course using only biological face, body and haircare products made me less reactive. 

Also emotionally. 

Then one day I looked in the mirrors in a danceclass again and realized I was just as good and bright, or even more, than the others. I started remembering how I used to love to go up on stage and wondered where that part of me had gone. And why had I lost that piece of me and how? 

Reclaiming this extroverted joy of my soul, my true personality expressed, became the real journey after going to Hawaii and writing my books. It is the true rebirth of who I am. Then integrating and relaxing into being, enables me to fully return, feeling like I did at my best when I was younger. Becoming full of myself, the right way. Isn't this good?

Sometimes, I notice that I get more likes on a photo online of me I don't like, wanting to remove it and it made me wonder why. Why do others like me more when I look less? Do we need others to constantly see us or can we see ourselves simply by looking into a mirror? We can see our own beauty (looks, soul, light and health) in the mirror, but we still need others to see us and recognize us to feel part of life, to accept our beauty. It is to enable and keep this safe landing of our souls into our bodies, that is the ultimate lesson in love. And for others to respect.

Photo of Isadora Duncan dance practice in Stockholm 2016.

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