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Fake news?

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

With so much information, ie photos and writings, going around and some viral, it becomes increasingly more important to learn about what is real and what is make believe.

While I love making up stories and would want to be able to write a novel (ie not get my computer stolen and intruded again, while being certain of living in my own home without stalking intrusion there either), I can assure you that nothing shared on my blog, or in my two books compiled and edited, is ever made up. Everything can be sourced to my reality and my perception of meetings and what I read. In fact, you can see each blogpost like a speech bubble, often with a photo of me next to it, since I'm the one saying it (sharing).

If you ever wonder why I wrote a certain thing either here in this blog and on this webpage, or on any other social media profile, never hesitate to ask. It's all an expression of my thoughts, and sometimes what I have carried in my heart and soul.

Likewise, nobody taking content (ie photos or writings) is ever serving me when my name isn't mentioned. Nor allowed.

Share your own ideas, inspiration and experiences and share what made you write about what you did. Then nothing can ever be fake! And you will be perceived as authentic.

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