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What did you learn today?

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

One way to honor life and our inner child, is to always remain humble towards learning. To have this approach to our interconnectedness as humans, is what I'm all about. It's also a way to heal from traumas and a way to grow and improve as a person.

It is with great sadness, I see how the trend among the younger generation of early 30's all seem to think they should be teachers directly, as if googling a fact or looking at a video, would make them into experts. It's a dangereous development, where the actual knowledge neither becomes discussed nor acknowledged, and while the number of followers might indicate popularity, it doesn't say anything about the level of expertise - it might even be to encourage someone who seems in need, or to just follow a trend when we like and follow, what simply shows up in our feed or in the news. It's one of the reasons why I still advocate that coaching as a profession is necessary in western societies: To enable each willing person to find confidence within, towards doing his/her best on the job with conscious choices.

In my education at Malmö University, we studied how to learn, how to take in information, perceive and process, evaluate and use, choose and discard to make it into valuable knowledge. In fact, my classmates and I, became experts at knowledge inventory and how to value and measure this as assets for an organization's financial result. Something that also individuals can do and benefit from through coaching. What happened with that?

Let me help you! 

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