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The need to heal

It is said that it's a trauma to be born. This world is so cruel, so unjust and so hard to live in, that many simply choose not to. Part of us can also leave when we are being threatened or traumatized during our life. What life then becomes about will just be between you and God, what you want to experience, how and why.

About a decade ago or so, I heard from several healers and mediums that I wasn't grounded and that someone had put a curse on me, as first told in Miami in 2002. I didn't quite believe it then and thought of it more as a way for them to make money on my fears or anxiety, but it wasn't. In 2004, a woman in Kaimuki, Hawaii, told me the same, and tried to remove it for me, but leading to that she had to move to the mainland and became a Catholic after her mother too died. I then remembered how I first had had spiritual contact with my passed on grandmother Margaretha in a way during a crisis in 1995. She was Catholic and I saved her rosary for several years after I got baptized in 2007.

It would take until 2009 before I understood how to bring back any part of me that was missing and how it was repeatedly taken. My right to have a good life and continue on what already had been good and let my personality blossom.

The answer to healing and peace always lies in to only reclaim yourself and neither attack, nor wish anyone bad. And to get ourselves back require simply an acknowledgment of true needs and letting these be fulfilled for our own sake so that we may be of service. With love, for love. To honor this, is to honor God and life.

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