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A battle to buy

Updated: Apr 20

Lately, I have come into an argument on several occasions at the same pharmacy with the same person, when going to get my medicine. It's actually non-prescriptive, but one can buy it in bulk through prescription, so that is what I do, since this is cheaper and more convenient. But it's nothing severely strong or addictive. This one man, wants to deny me getting it, for no apparent reason. He has been rude, obstinate, and saying out loud how he think I should be more cooperative. How can a customer be that? A complete transfer and projection of what I think he should be. I just walk up to the counter, when it's my turn, show my id and my note for invoicing from the city. It shouldn't even have to be discussed. I shouldn't even have to open my mouth or he too either. He just need to go get the package and put it into the register properly. Something, I happened to know a little how, since I too have worked servering customers in a store, a long time ago. Back then, it was always assumed that we should serve our customers first, and for example take our breaks later. especially when there are many waiting in line. Nowadays, it seems like there has become a culture of stores wanting the customers to serve them with attention, and almost beg to be allowed to buy, whatever is being sold. It's totally wicked. This day, I had hoped, now that it was fine with another clerk last time, I would even be able to make a silly little joke to make sure, we would have good rapport.

I have to, of course, contemplate if there is something I say or do, that I need to change or not being aware of. It isn't. I'm always polite. But, I'm also independent. A strong woman of will with a strong sense of efficiency. I take it, some want to be superior to me, or simply be right and not let me be, for their own Ego's sake. Perhaps, some simply assume that I should be more subordinate to them, but I don't crawl. I deserve to be treated with the same respect, that I start off showing. Is it because I'm a woman? Is it the change of culture in Sweden, where many immigrants seem to have acquired the backside of Swedish bureaucracy rather than modern flexibility? It would be easy to blame me, but the customer is always right, or you would go out of business. I reported him. Then, I went to a nearby town and got my medicine, with a lot less hassle. Served by another woman.

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