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Creating a bridge for equality

On one hand we have the mysterious feminine; the gatherings in circle, the longing to return to the wild and creating more sisterhood.

On the other hand, we have the authoritative masculine; the hierarchy of master and students, the conformity to norms and culture and wanting to excel.

Can we not have both? Can not men, sit in circle and create brotherhood, assent to the use of soft values and still be strong in their provision and enabling safety? Can not women, be decisionmakers, teachers and leaders, yet keep their precautionary ways and be all encompassing? Of course, we can. This is why I propose that what really is needed, is an invitation.

An invitation by men to allow women to take center stage, not out of political correctness or to fill a quota, but of curiosity to what she can bring to the table through her perspective. And, an invitation extended by women to men, to partake in their caregiving, emotional clearings and relationship analysis.

We all know that it takes both a man and a woman to create a baby, but do we recognize that it also takes both a man and a woman, to create the world? Both needed, with equal worth and value.

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