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A Christmas story

Meet Cajsa. She was made by hand by my step grandmother Hanna, after whom I call myself. She was a real wiz when it comes to knitting (and sewing too). Many are those times, where our whole family received beautiful and long lasting real wool sweaters and socks. She also did mini-dolls that she placed on our guest-beds, whenever we came to visit, and a Santa-doll too of course. Unfortunately, I don't have them left, but I do have Cajsa:

For Christmas when I was 12 years old, and my younger brother Peter was 8 years old, we both received each one doll. Hanna had made a boy looking doll to him, called Jonte, wearing a beard and pants. And a girl looking doll to me, called Stina. However, Peter got so mad that he didn't get Stina, so he screamed his heart out to have her too. He took her, and some weeks later, Hanna made me a new doll, that I call Cajsa. She has been with me ever since, including to the other countries, I've been too. And, a couple of years ago, I found this cute skirt that I think resemble hers, to reconnect myself with my inner child and feeling pretty. Alas, why I like wearing it on Christmas Eve, reclaiming my right to receive too.

The question is, do you think my brother still wants all I have and takes it? Or simply hoards his own? Hopefully though, he'll now gift both of his dolls, to his children.

Merry Christmas!

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