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Acknowledging our emotions

At the last Storytelling MeetUp that I attended, I was reminded of the importance to acknowledge my feelings more, and how hard that is to do alone. It's as if speaking to another person about what we've been through, automatically opens our hearts to feel more, and to realize the depth of our pain, that we feel as we try to grasp and understand how to deal with it. Since I'm still in Sweden, it's hard for me to do so, since I don't feel safe here, both due to the libel and the stalker, as well as the authorities either totally conned and blindsided or ignorant and pure evil. If I release this emotional pain and trauma that I've been subjected to in Stockholm, will they not try to replace it with new and more? Have I not done so before? Released, moved on, tried to sell my books, start working and dating, and then totally destroyed again? I refuse to receive their projections.

I feel mortified, terrorized, tortured, threatened, ridiculed, disrespected, silenced, oppressed, belittled and bullied with total disregard of what I've reported that I've been subjected to. There are so many easy ways to solve it:

  1. Look into Daniel Andersson's apartment, phone and computer. Check his bank statements and receipts to see where he has been, when and whether it was him who stole my laptop, my golden necklace, my documents (including with my handwriting on), my douchebag, and of course the key to my apartment. Did he not bring the long, green bamboo rod to Frankfurt am Main in 2018? It's physical, tangible, evidence.

  2. Check what Malin Berghagen has done at the hours I've reported her for doing things against me. Either she has or she hasn't. Read my submitted copies of texts and look at my photos, then compare with hers that I've pointed out. Discuss whether this is made deliberate or not. Plagiarisms or just to bully me? Read what she said on the front pages summer 2015 and 2016. Was that really true? Again, factual as well as legal definitions and the common definition.

  3. Read my texts and read Rachel Brathen's texts. Compare. Are they alike or not? Is this deliberate or not, to take my income, followers, readers, clients and goodwill?

  4. Correct the official records, statements and examination protocol made by the authorities and court about my sanity, based on their falsified facts about my education, medical history, type of income and even whether I've had an abortion or not (whatever that has anything to do with it). For starters, change the figure 3 to 7. It's as simple as that. Check what the IQ-test read alongside school records.

  5. Remove false claims of unauthorized receipts of unemployment and sick-leave pay. When I was unemployed, I was unemployed. When I was sick, I was sick. Especially the latter is cruel. You can't have me submitted for 2 years into a forced care forensic psychiatric ward and still claim that I wouldn't be sick, to stop me from receiving my benefits.

How many years Sweden? It's wicked and penetrated by darkness, with a constant shoving under the proverbial rug. Why this drama? If anything, I should be getting paid out damages for all of it. It also would be nice, to be featured again in the news or magazines, about my books, my travels, my coaching, my name, my experiences and my plans. Not to mention, a published apology!

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