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I am Millan

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

"I'm Millan, the inner child inside Hannah. From the beginning my name was Camilla, but I had a hard time pronouncing it right, so for short it became Millan, which I was called all the time in our family. Hannah, was the name of my grandfather's second wife, who was like a grandmother to me, with much love and care. I was hoping to have a daughter I could call that, to honor her, who couldn't conceive, but because of feeling cursed at I changed it. But, I haven't been able to start my own family yet. But, nowadays I get to have my own voice inside my grownup. So, who am I?

I'm the spark in the eyes when I feel safe, rested and nurtured the right way. I am the laughter and bravery, approaching you with initiative. I am the explorer on a mission to solve a mystery. I'm the one who don't mind playing alone, creating pretty things and communing with nature. And I am the one, who wants my parents to have peace, for people to have peace. I also like to pet bunnies."

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