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Are our dreams simply a concoction of memories?

Early this morning, I had a vivid dream. It was an image of a huge water barrel, filled with rainwater. I was sitting next to it as a little toddler. After I woke up, I realised that it was the barrel in my maternal grandparents' garden. I must have remembered it. Especially today perhaps, since today would have been my mother's 78th birthday.

Now, this memory evokes my curiosity. Is there symbolism in it? Does it mean something special? Was it a message from my ancestors? A couple of weeks ago, I saw a photo online of something that reminded me of their old cottage but belonging to someone else. Maybe this was simply for me to have another fond memory. Or maybe it was my subconscious processing my plans to receive adult swim-classes, come later spring.

Dreams are hard to interpret. I think of them as things being made conscious, but also a processing of our impressions from the last couple of days, especially any onset of disturbing images. I've refrained myself from watching fast cut action movies, since this can trigger stress through our eyes, besides taking in violence. But, I have watched Heartland a couple of times lately. No dreams needed. Only memories there too, of my own horseback riding and life in the stables as a teen. My favorite pony, Petter, was always afraid of water barrels that we used for jumping. I don't think this has anything to do with my early childhood memory though. In fact, I probably liked it, since it was before I fell into a pool.

It's said that we should let go of the past and not worry about the future. I think, connecting with our past through our memories, makes our life feel fuller and more intriguing. What led to what?

Unfortunately, I lost all my photos, when I became homeless 2009 and had to let go of all my possessions, but I hope some of my relatives soon will get back to me with copies. Then, I'll show you!

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