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Becoming better at communication

Whether you're a person who wears your heart on your sleeve, or you're someone who barely speaks at all, planning your communication for your own social media accounts, and especially for your business, can be helpful. Many seek more followers, but forget that it's also a matter of finding the kind of followers you'd like to have, especially if you want to turn them into paying customers, besides creating a brand image. And no, this is not going to be a 10 minute video about what I am going to say, instead of saying it. Here is what we copywriters have in mind, when we map out our communication for our clients:

Who is the target group? (Demographics, interests, preferred media outlets, spending time and money habits)

What is the message? (What is it that you'd like to say and sell?)

Why is this important? (What can you provide for your reader, audience or customer? What is the problem that you help to solve? What is your information/product/service good for?)

What would you like him or her to feel, after reading, or listening to, your message?

How are you going to say this?

Where are you going to say this? (Which accounts will you post this in? Which podcasts will you talk in? Where will you advertise?)

When will you say this? (Time of day, as well as date and duration)

Most of all, don't forget to create, rather than react, and that you only have a couple of seconds to catch someone's attention.

To bounce off your ideas, or to get help mapping out a strategy and message, don't hesitate to contact me.

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