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Choosing which brand to buy

If you've been around for a whlle like me, you probably remember this and this iconic Levi's commercials. When I graduated Swedish High school, wearing a pair of Levi's was a must. Having a Busnel bag too. It was therefor not completely unexpected, to also choose a brand carefully for my other clothes. I chose Esprit, since it reminded me of the French word espère, which means to hope (besides spirit). It felt positive, free, and yet without pretences, like me. And the truth of the matter is, while I've also tried many other jeans brands, such as Nudie, Indian Rose, Replay and Diesel, I feel quite comfortable in these: Esprit. And I still wear their other clothes too.

This conscious choice, enables me in turn to also think of what my own personal brand stands for. What is a Telluselle? Which values does this name hold? It's been an amazing journey, that just make it grow in association. To me, Telluselle stands for: to be a global citizen, to live eco-friendly, to live in relation to Mother Earth with compassion for all living beings, to have a green thumb... What do you stand for? This becomes your personal brand.

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