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Choosing sides or creating a new?

Ever since I had to stand up in court with my parents, who were filing for divorce, and say who I wanted to live with, I’ve felt awful about choosing sides. Choosing sides always imply saying no to one, and yes to another. This also includes the election in Sweden.

Even though we have 7 parties represented in our House, there is usually none in its own majority for the seats, which means that most times, a couple of parties rule together. Thus, if I vote for a smaller party, they will never get into the Parliament, at least not on its own. So, therefor my vote will indirect be used for the party in majority. And, if there will be a combination of parties that rule, why not then allow three smaller parties together, without the bigger one? Thus, the Swedish parliament looks fair, but isn’t. We basically have a left side and a right side.

I thought of changing who I normally vote for, but breaking news makes me hesitate. We have an increased new Nazi extremism, including as representatives in all political parties, to be voted on, except for the Green environmental party, who I usually vote for. The right wing extremist party, has also received a million SEK by an anonymous donor, which is prohibited in Sweden.

All of this, makes me draw the conclusion, that neither is fair and that in fact, there should be a majority rule with one party only.

Nonetheless, I like the idea of a third option. An alternative that is based on creating something new, rather than fighting about the old. Where are the leaders’ and parties’ visions? And not to mention, ideas to solve problems? Fancy slogans, shouldn't belong in political discussions.

As a former graduate student in Organizational change, I have gained knowledge about how we organize as people, and how our cultures form leaders, both covertly and openly. This means that there usually is someone seen as a leader that might not be employed as one. Therefore, I can’t help but wonder, who is really ruling the parties? The politicians, and if so, even by names outside of the lists, or the governmental employees, whose work is about upholding the system they work for, rather than serving its people?

To run for power, they need to learn, who has it.

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