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Choosing who to vote for

There is an election in Sweden this year, and as always, it's on the third Sunday in September. Thus, posters alongside our roads are abounding, as well as talkshow host interviews on TV. I think, most sounds very polished, using typical words and phrases that sounds correct. But what are they really saying?

Just like with most other types of information, I seldom subscribe, and can feel a bit of overwhelm and stress, with too much information entering my inbox. It becomes yet another task to do, rather than choosing it myself when i want to and have the time and space to be attentive. I am therefore encouraging being pro-active. Not just with media and political debates, but everything. Rather than to just follow, and either miss a good message because you weren't online to see it in your feed, or becoming overloaded with posts that you might not have the time or space to really read, listen and watch. So, I seek out the information that I want, when I want to. That to me is leading one's life and you can too.

Back to the election. Which party should I vote for and why? In Sweden, we have 7 parties in our House, with none in full majority by itself, but usually two or three, that therethrough makes up our Parliament. I think, a good way to choose, is to make up your own mind first, about the opinions you hold and why. You can make a list of topics that you feel are important, such as:

* Healthcare

* Environment

* Energy

* Taxes

* Defense

* Immigration

* Education

* Jobs

Now, before you make up your mind on who to cast your vote for, challenge yourself to make a statement for each area, to see if this instead, fits with what any politician says. If you have many of the same, you know which party to choose. If not, you might want to pursue a career yourself! Or, at least, write to your local politician about what you find is important and why. When you are forming your opinion, make sure you incorporate both your own belief and wish, as well as your own experience and education. What have you learned and what have you lived? Making this connection, is what can boost creativity, and free thinking! It becomes your own opinion, and not just what is popular.

The most important thing we have in our democracies, is voting.

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