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I can't believe it's been 9 years, NINE YEARS, since I was deported from the United States. That means there is only one year left until it's been ten, and thus my ban from re-entering will be lifted!

In 2011, I was granted "volunteer departure" by the Immigration judge, but unfortunately the Swedish embassy refused to help me buy a return ticket, and since I hadn't anything to return to, I appealed to try to remain in the United States. Therefore, when I lost that, I was deported in 2012, which then turns into a ten year ban instead of a five. I have had to waste five extra years that is. Wasted, because nothing gets done in Sweden you see. I tried to start a business and look for my own clients, as well as apply for regular employments. I have started to find new homes, but becomes sabotaged by not getting my payments for rent. I have tried to stop people from stalking, slandering and plagiarising me but get no answers. And the list goes on. Right now, I have waited for more than a year to get my dental surgery, even though it could have been done in Portugal, would just my update of address been done with the authorities, last summer. Unfortunately, this is all predictable and I'm not that surprised given all the hassle I had to endure before I went back to Hawaii in 2010 after living there 2004-05. More about that in my books!

There are ways back into the country that are legal and lucky me got to learn about them first hand from an attorney before I was removed, and by a US embassy worker at church. So grateful for that!

361 more days.

Find anyone who has been incarcerated in an American federal prison here.

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