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Creating harmony between our masculine and feminine sides

Just like the nuclear family is made up by a mother, a father and a child, so are also our own inner aspects divided and joined. We all have both masculine and feminine traits. In Hawaii and New Zealand, it's even said by healers, that we have one side of the body representing our mother's side and the other our father's. The interesting thing is, that which is left vs right differ between both places, so as I understand it, it also has to do with which side of the equator we live. What if it's differing between north and south, up and down, front and back too? Can even these sides be divided and understood as extensions of our male and feminine sides?

Our male side often constitutes the intellectual and logic reasoning, whereas our feminine side represents the more intuitive and emotional expressions, especially when it comes to our left vs right side of the brain. To merge these two, our own inner yin and yang, we therefor must add an agent, a third element, that I propose is our awakened and revived inner child, that might have gotten into hiding, due to our upbringing and traumas. Thus, healing our inner child and re-integrating it, enable us to found an inner harmony that also reflect the three selves in the school of psychology called Transaction analysis, where we have a parent self, an adult self and a child self, whom we relate and interact with, often without conscious efforts to bring about a balance between the three. By becoming aware of these three layers of consciousness, similar to Higher self, Middle self and Lower self (Higher conscious, Regular conscious and Subconscious), we can let them morph into each other with more fluidity, as well as call on either to help us heal and relate better, whether on the job, with our peers or with our spouse.

So, hopefully when I soon can find myself a new physical home, I'll be able to also be more safe in my body and eventually can share more about this process in my third book.

To read more about the healing of my inner child, click here and here.

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