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Daring to plan

The other day, I became aware of that I dread planning ahead more than for a week or two. It must be because of my experiences of others getting in my way, whether the male stalker or the female slanderer. Both seem to have a problem with my wellness and success. So, how do I then best plan?

I've tried to use my instincts and how my body reads these signals as a precursor to my actions. I for example couldn’t continue to Portugal as planned in 2018, and had to wait until summer 2019 to go. It was in an effort to stop both the stalker and the slanderer, so that I can move on without them. But yet, they continued anyway while I still was in Germany, of course, as well as when I came to Portugal a year after. Just like my plans became destroyed in 2010, and continuously in 2014 and 2017.

I love starting anew, with journals, a cleared up email account, clothes… or simply moving into something that feels new and fresh. But this new and inspiring prompt to expand, heal and do more, becomes impossible unless I stop these two persons, so how do I when authorities refuse to in Sweden?

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