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Dealing with others' harm

It's like every time I share some good news, about something I've been doing, or am about to, it gets ruined unexpectedly. It feels like it's done through someone, who doesn't want me to be happy and successful. The thing is, I can't blame myself for anything that others do. That is their responsibility. But, I have to pay the price.

A couple of months ago, I shared a screenshot of my translation work for QualityUnit, that I've been working with for a couple of hours per day, since August 2021, with weekly pay checks. It has felt like it's coming to completion soon and just need some proofreading and any updates and edits from them. Finally, I would soon be able to have a good work sample, so important for a copywriter and translator to have, to show, to get other jobs.

Then suddenly, that uploaded was removed, and I found another version on the Swedish domain. I assume that it's an old version of their website, given not all information is there, but it also had been updated in March this year, and looked like it seemingly is a rewrite of mine, but less accurate in translation. Unfortunately, it might very well be someone's attempt of discrediting me, or taking credit for my work by using my translation into their copy. When I asked QualityUnit about it, my contract was terminated. It felt like a blow in my stomach. When all I wanted, was to make it as good and authentically the same as the original one in English is. Apparently, the Swedish domain is owned by a reseller, and they're negotiating it with them. So, hopefully they'll be able to use my translation to update it with in the next coming months anyway, but nonetheless, it doesn't feel good to not be able to see it through.

But the truth is, I've felt a lot of stress, a constant pressure that I must work. While translations can be a career I can pursue in the US too, to make ends meet, it's not what I would prefer working with. I would rather be the actual copywriter, author and coach. But, it's been a steady income, that I've needed and I got to learn how an American copywriter outlines and builds a website. On the good side, it now gives me the freedom and time to pursue other things, including some important matters I've planned in the coming months. But if I share what, that too might become destroyed. Imagine living in a country, where other people hate your happiness. Will that make them more happy?

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