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Deciding the steps

Since there aren't any Hawaiian Hula teachers in Sweden, I have to rely on my own memory and others' videos to learn the set choreography to certain songs. However, sometimes they differ. Kumu Marian Ka'ipo Park, changed the ending for Grandmother Oak, I just remembered. Should I do that one instead? She was also the one who introduced me to Sophisticated Hula, but with implements, that I haven't fully learned yet, so I decided to do another version. And, while I have performed Mele Kalikimaka at Unity Church in Honolulu 2010, I found a more fun rendition on YouTube recently, so I recorded this one, with my own combination today:

To make it even more challenging, each dancer has his or her own style and expression, that too can make a dance look different if the choreography is a little bit changed. The question is, should we always resort to the oldest original, or should we allow ourselves to develop it as we go?

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