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Doing it in slowmotion

When I saw this snail on my walk today, I became worried that someone else would crush him on his great pursuit of crossing a path. What's looking like a small and slow move, is in fact a huge leap of faith to make it there. Is the time right? The conditions? Are all potential dangers taken into account?

So, when we see this as a metaphor for our own lives, we must think of ourselves as snails. When do we move and how? Is it temporary and for the thrill of an adventure or is it a permanent desire? And do we need help to go quicker or to go back to safety?

Waiting the ten years for my ban to be lifted to return to the United States (8 months left) has been hard, but perhaps this lessens the likelihood of being crushed on the way.

Are you going through something similar? Which animal do you need to be like?

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