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Everyday heroes

I have been inspired by many things in the United States, and the culture of everyday heroes is one of them. Simply, random meetings that turn into lifegiving help. There is something magic about it, to meet a stranger at the exact time you need help, for example to find your way. One example is, when I was in New York City in 2003, to do interviews for a study about Lifecoaching, and was walking in Central Park. I was looking to find the horse stable to see if I could rent one hour, like it had been shown on the TV-show Sex and the City. I had no idea how huge the park is, but as I stood there trying to find the right direction, all of a sudden a man showed up and asked if I needed help. Not only did he look up the address, but called them, and walked me there. It turned out that he had been to the Swedish Ice-hotel up north. Other examples can be how someone shows up in the middle of the night, in a small town in Portugal, last year, with 30 euros to help me pay for a hostel. These experiences, together with having met the Aloha-spirit in Hawaii 2004-05, made me feel like I wanted to import this to Sweden. I decided to become an Ambassador of Aloha and spread it.

In 2005-06 therefor, I wrote to Crown princess Victoria and to Swedish TV-networks to ask them to make a series of "Everyday heroes"; where ordinary people who had done something heroic to help others, would be awarded. And, it became a TV-show and movement 2007, still running! Unfortunately though, without me...

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