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Telluselle Living Center

In 1999, when I decided to change my career from having worked as a Copywriter in advertising, to become a Professional Lifecoach, I came up with the idea of building an organic wellness center. I was exhausted and a bit weary. I had just been practicing Qigong and meditation for a couple of years, while immersing myself into self-help literature and healing. I envisioned a shopping mall, where instead of stores, we would have health related practices to go to. A house of healing. Thus, my first draft of a business plan was made and presented at a Project Manager course for cultural workers in Malmö, Sweden. I also made a presentation for the local gym and fitness club Forum, whose founder was expanding. I then was offered a job as the editor of their membership magazine the following year, which I did parallel to my studies. I started studying Workscience (Competence development and Organizational Change) at Malmö university and did so, until my mother died in 2004, when I went to Hawaii.

The business plan, has since then evolved, and been developed into becoming a special designed house for practices that tend to Mother Earth - an eco-friendly meeting place for coaching groups and individuals, for dance practices, qigong, Ashtanga yoga, meditation and inspiring seminars for a better health.

My ambition is to start this in San Francisco, where I want to live.

Find more about this plan here.

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