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Expressing our emotions

Two nights ago, I became reminded of how important it is to express my emotions, as it's called forward by others' decisions and communication. Often, at least here in Sweden, there seems to be a complete refusal to acknowledge and respect others (mine) raising their voice. Would I ever raise my voice, if I was safe and listened to with respect? No, of course not. So, when someone is trying to hush me, including with physical pushing, I certainly feel even less respected. It's all about defending myself, my body, my needs and my space.

Isn't this obvious? I think there is some kind of bad belief brewing against women in society, that women becoming upset, would be lesser worthy, or wrong, when all we do, is expressing personal truths and realities. While there are some, who fakes it to get what they want, like kids making pleas, there certainly is a huge difference between that, and expressing a real fear of one's life. As if the act of taking precaution and being sincere, would be an illness, and not "allowed" in our society, when this is the foundation for accountability. Refusal to acknowledge what a person (I) is saying, is obviously to refuse taking responsibility for what oneself is doing towards the other (me), especially in a position of authority.

My problem with Sweden, is this hushing and intellectual responses, or literal physical shoving, without heart, when I have bared my vulnerability. A cultural response perhaps, a fear evoking the same within the other, or just cold shoulders. All founded in the lack of trust, that can't be established, without proper dialogue.

The only person you can really trust, is yourself.

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