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Flagging for support?

Yesterday, I noticed that one of the Swedish churches downtown, were flagging both a Swedish flag and one from Ukraine. I think this is wrong.

Normally, the Swedish flag is only raised on certain holidays, royal birthdays or half-staff, to signal the passing of an important person. Some larger corporations like TetraPak, fairs and hotels, may also raise the flag of a visiting dignitary's country to show his/her presence. I have also of course, seen the Hawaiian flag next to the United States', but they do both belong to the same country. Never, have I seen another country's flag next to ours.

Should we then not raise all other countries' flags that we are in support of? Or has the Swedish government some sort of extra agenda, where Ukraine is more important than others? Is Sweden trying to colonise Ukraine? I hope not. They deserve their freedom and peace. And so do also Russia and all others.

There must be another type of support with knowledge and mediations we can offer, rather than escalate the use of weaponry. This also reminds me of how supporting fans of soccer dressed in their team's colors, often do create violence and uproar. What does this lead to?

Just like with people, we should encourage the individual to become his/her own best self, not to become incorporated and adapted into others. How do you feel? Do you always do what others are, or do you sit and think and feel a little about it first? What is your opinion and why?

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