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Getting to know your inner child

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Your inner child is represented by the pure joy and wonder with which we are born into this world, whole and complete according to the beliefs of holistic healing.

To get to know your inner child thus, require a deep contact with your soul, your original self. To dare express that which lies dormant and true, aligned with the spirit that connects us with the whole, with God, soul with Mother Earth. A truth about who we are coming from insights, helped by our studies perhaps, but nonetheless emerging through our understanding of our own experiences. A feeling, deeper seated than the emotions our ego display to protect our self, or show off, leads the way. And just like when we are little, we can use an "object" but now consciously. Mine is called "Supercoach".

We can loose a part of our soul, our inner child, through a trauma, ie an event that has been directly perceived as life-threatening. It's a survival mechanism, to let that piece leave and not have to face the cruelty of man. And to be returned only with acceptance and care in a safe environment that we ourselves decide.

Finding this connection with our inner child can be done through various means like creative play, through art, sensual touch and flirting, sleep (met physical needs) and sunshine; an allowing of self to shine.

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