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Hair health

Did you know that you're supposed to wash your hair twice with shampoo, before you add conditioner? This is to remove the styling products first and then wash your actual hair.

The problem of today's beauty industry is that many of the products out on the market are part of breaking down our natural glow and health, so that we need more products to try to fix what we just broke ourselves. Even our water can make us dry, because of its contamination with copper for example and pH value.

I'm lucky to always have had a good hair, which I've kept both short and long, straight and curly, colored and not, and modelled. Since 2005 though, I only use biological ingredients from various brands like Santé, Lavera, Urtekram and John Master's Organics. A couple of years ago, I let a hairdresser use standard industry coloring again, which made my hair seem all bleached in the sun in Portugal and took 3 years to cut off and grow out again. Now, however, I'm back to using only Henna-based colors once a year. It doesn't cover my grey, but I find this looking more natural. I also have see-through hair strands actually, which make it shift in various lights. So, if you want a hair looking like mine, just change the products you're using, and let your real self, shine through.

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