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My journey towards living eco-friendly

Already when I grew up as a teenager, Sweden had implemented recycling facilities for both glass bottles and cans. Soon, also cardboard boxes and paper became included. TetraPak (The world's largest manufacturer of milk and juice cartons.) where I worked as a young adult, became scrutinized, and they started to look into what one can make instead, how their materiel could become reused, such as for furniture.

When I became a freelancing copywriter after working a couple of years as employed, I decided to go all in and only use recycled paper for my business cards and invoices. Do you remember those? Unfortunately, I don't have any left to show, but please do take my word for it. I also continued my care about animals by presenting a pitch for WWF (Worldwide Fund of Nature). At the same time, in the 90's, the Swedish state enabled labelling of food that were free from pesticides and grown according to organic standards, called "KRAV" and this became increasingly important. After also learning about the practice in the meat-industry, that had been part of my portfolio, I chose to become a vegetarian and only use eco-friendly detergent.

It would take until 2005, after my first residential visit in Hawaii, before I started to use biological hair and skincare products, that completely improved my looks and feel. Then I also began to buy clothes more consciously, whether it would be vintage or made in countries with less effect on the environment, such as different brand jeans and organic cotton. To top it off, I changed my last name to Telluselle, as this now became part of my identity and aspirations, with its foundation in a deeper feeling of belonging through spirit.

In 2008, I became a member of the Green Environmentalist Party in Sweden, who then had yet to enter our House of Representatives, which it then did, as well as took seats in the European parliament. I contemplated how to best contribute and pondered about whether a political career could become a new goal. After some participation in local meetings and events, together with losing my apartment, I felt that their focus on the process were much more emphasised than the agenda, so when I moved back to Hawaii in 2010, I quit. I still vote for them though.

In Hawaii, I learned more about keeping the ocean clean and became a member of the organization Kanu Hawaii, that wants to educate and engage people to live more responsible according to Hawaiian standards and traditions. Something I will always treasure! In 2010, I also developed my business plan for Telluselle Living Center further to include more eco-friendly measures.

Care about yourself, others and earth!

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