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My gastronomical identity

The other day, I watched one of the more popular Swedish chefs on YouTube, Tareq Taylor (whom my first employment as a copywriter at an advertising agency, also worked with for a dairy company in the mid-90's), sharing his new book in the works about barbecuing. While talking about his own journey, he mentioned how he has thought of what he ate growing up and how this has impacted his life and gastronomical identity. It made me curious and inspired to think of mine.

I have previously mentioned in The Call for Divine Mothering a little about how our meals were conducted at home, with much stress, also affecting how I felt eating and after. But, I haven't thought so much about what we used to eat and if this has impacted my choice of menu.

My Dad liked to cook lots of stews with Arabic tastes, with many spices and chickpeas, besides meat. He also loved doing ratatouille and couscous. During Christmas, he made an awesome chocolate fudge, and on occasion a special type of cookies. I know he loves cheese and quality food, like locally farmed turkey and fish. All preferably together with a glass of wine.

My Mum loved making sauces with cream and wine, as well as ensuring that our plates were healthy with both vegetables, protein and carbohydrates for maximum vitamin intake. She often bought ready made chicken for the oven, and made an awesome crumble apple-pie that we had with vanilla sauce, easily whipped together.

While we also ate minced meat for burgers, spaghetti sauce or meatballs, we often refrained ourselves from traditional Swedish food and rather let our travels be our inspiration. So, the quality of my meals growing up, were always good and varied. But, the stress and the arguments often served with the meals, I could definitely do without. As a grown up, it therefore became important to me, to have my meals in peace. Because of my sensitive stomach, that my Dad also has, I have excluded lactose and gluten and actually think plain bread is hard to digest. It rather makes me hungry instead.

My diet currently consists of mostly either chicken, salmon, mackerel, tofu or quorn, and vegetables, together with either Basmati rice, gluten-free Fusilli pasta, or potatoes. I also love having a portion of quinoa, or buckwheat, now and then. All preferably organic and with gentle herbs.

What is your gastronomical identity, and how does it impact your meals?

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