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Healing my inner child

I've recently started using this workbook, and thought I'd share it with you. It consists of 90 pages to journal with concise topics, like letters to your inner child, mindfulness exercises and non-dominant side drawings. It also contains topics of needs and affirmations surrounding these. Since a couple of years, I feel a connection to my inner child and she has become similar to what intuition is, so this is right up my alley.

I started doing self-assessments like these, when I watched the Oprah Show in the early 2000's and began my journey to become a Lifecoach. It is also why I added exercise questions in my own book, to help facilitate making your own insights. Naturally, this is just one way to enable healing, and this doesn't exclude the necessity to share some of the original pain that might surface, with a professional therapist. (As a coach, I draw the line firmly and help you seek adequate treatment, if necessary.) If you're not into writing, you can of course sit and talk and record your own findings for future reference.

So far, it has become clearer to take my inner child's perspective into account.

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