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Healing the collective

As much as it sounds good, "to put the past behind us" and just move forward, it's not the right way to go, if a harm still affects us, and most of all if it continues or could resume with other people. Take my generational wound of being a victim in the Holocaust, as an example. Am I supposed to just forgive Hitler and move on, pretending that it was ok to kill million of Jews the way he did? I can forgive my grandmother's shortcomings that were a result from her being traumatised and I can even forgive Hitler in the sense that I can understand his ambition and perspective to not have any racial mixes as well as not let a particular religious group govern society with their businesses, like some mafia. However, this doesn't give him, or anyone, any right to exterminate those he didn't like. This is why we have courts and trials. But, what do we then do, when it's the very court system that is corrupt or continue his persecution?

We go to other countries and other organizations. It's why I went to the UNOHCHR in Switzerland with the fact that the United States detain immigrants (although ICE-officer Weikel, who is of German descent, said that they want to keep them together with regular American inmates to not single them out as if in camps). And, it's why I have gone to the FBI and the CIA with information about Sweden's involvement with Nazis (besides my own cases here), and Swedish authorities reluctance to take any responsibility in a regular dialogue about it. Either Swedish authorities start answering and discussing those facts that have been presented, or someone like President Putin might just as well come here to clean out the Nazis in Sweden too. Refusing to answer always shows implied guilt. Anyone, I have ever contacted about plagiarism cases for example, have always replied directly to say it wasn't them associated with the person in question. Then of course I let go of that and focus on the actual perpetrators, who hides behind their own refusal to answer.

We heal by taking responsibility for our own actions, in-actions, decisions and communications thereof. Nothing becomes solved without a dialogue. It's also how we create peace. Sweden has not fought any wars for several hundreds of years, so naturally we don't have peace. We have a silenced darkness, that I've brought light to.

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