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Honoring your needs

Regardless of what it is you're trying to achieve; whether a health related goal, for your career or love relationship, you can be sure that nobody can present a method or solution that would be perfect for you. For you to do a change that lasts with good impact, it must come from you. This in turn, has to do with our different needs, at different times, in different places. While all humans have the same needs, it's still very individually how and when, they can be satisfied. Do you need more sleep or less? Are you too warm or too cold? Listening to someone going on and on about this or that life-hack, isn't going to solve anything. They most likely are just needy themselves, wanting your money, and someone to listen to them.

Personal coaching is all about You. It's not a specific tool or method that we are trying to sell you. It's a technique that we use for your own ideas, preferences and possibilities to emerge from within yourself. You have your own best answers. For some reason, we seldom do what is best for us. It can be because of a habit or just exhaustion and dread. This is in fact, exactly why your solutions - your desire to change - must come from yourself. So, what do you need today? Give yourself that.

Interested to give it a go? Contact me or any other professional coach accredited by ICF.

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