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Journey through your meetings, to find treasures

When I speak about journeying in my books, I mean journeying through memory lane, to see what has happened me in the past, and how this affects me now, through my meetings. It takes off in a belief that most our experiences, even the bad, come with lessons to learn that we can use to improve our next relationships and circumstances.

A way to find these lessons, these blessings in disguise and treasures, is by listing pivotal people and moments. A pivotal person, is someone who had a great impact on you, such as making you take out a new direction or leading to one. A pivotal person can be: Parents, siblings, relatives, teachers, classmates, colleagues, supervisors, love partners, spouses, friends, team mates, church members, sorority goers or simply acquaintances you met during your travels.

To make a journey, think of the choices you made, your decisions and your actions. Answering these questions can help:

How old were you?

Where did you live?

What were you doing?

How did you meet and for how long?

What happened?

What did he or she say and do? What did you?

What was your reaction and insight after?

What did this lead to?

How did this conversation make you feel? (Inspired, encouraged, light-hearted, dreary, doubtful, downgraded or energized)

What was your intuition telling you and did you heed it? What is it saying now?

And remember, you're also a pivotal person to others and their lives, and what they're becoming. What works, helps us to move forward.

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